Returning Player, altering existing tamer/bard template

Good Morning,
So I came back a few days ago, messed with my Thunter, Samp, Archer and Mules, as well as my Tamer/Bard.  Trying to get a feel for whats going on and to see what I remember and what I can tell changed....seems my memory is gone, Hah.

DM (Tamer/Bard) is gonna be the first one I alter around a bit.  I want to add Provo to the mix so he ends up Lore, Taming, Vet, Mage, Disco, Music, Provo.

Presently (Skill, Real/Cap/Mod)
Lore 115/115/115
Tame 105.3/115/115
Disco 115/120/120
Mage 100/110/110
Music 100/120/100
Vet 120/120/120
Med 26.7/100 set to down
Provo 40/100/100 set to up

My stable slots are 10/14 (some very old tames in there).

My difficulty at this point is thinking like a UO player, it's been quite awhile since I've needed to do that, and I'm not sure that my head is wrapped around it correctly yet.
Example:  I'm gonna be using magery to move around, gonna need to be able to gate, but not sure if he's gonna need to do much else with magery other than maybe heal some.  Do you agree, what am I missing?
Example:  I dont wanna mess much with the tamer stuff (or do I need to?) much because I'll need my existing slots, but haven't been able to verify how slots are figured yet (UO Guide sez it's out of date for instance).

See what I mean.  I was gonna take the rest of the points from Med, then some points from Magery (after I figure out how many I need to keep) but then what?  One sec please, I smell burning rubber....never mind, it's just a brain overload.

Tell me please what I should do, what I shouldn't do, but most important is assist me in retraining my mind back to the old UO way of thinking and tell me the whys.  I have what, 6 other toons to do the same kinda things with so I need to get in the right frame of thinking.

Thanks for the assist guys.


  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,228
    Welcome back! I have had a discord tamer since it was changed from enticing. 

    Magery level determines the amount healed and the chance of curing poisons. As a tamer today you will be casting some heals and cures because some of the things you'll fight are just that nasty. 

    To answer your question there is an easy solution and one i faced myself a few years ago. I found it far easier to work all skills to 120 (magery was the exception) and just soulstone vet for provoke. 

    Most of the things you'll fight will be hard enough to need vet and mage heals and may not have other mobs to provoke. Most of the things you'll fight where provoke will come in handy may not be actually worth fighting to begin with. 

    A provoke discord tamer will rock the paragon cu spawn allowing you to keep taming Cu at an incredible pace. Other than that i did not find it very useful in the actual fighting world. 
  • HazHaz Posts: 15
    Thanks @Urge, appreciate the info and assist.

    Another question for you if ya don't mind.  Been working my Provo'ing, now up to 95.6.  Been reading about using mastery for gain, and there's something I'm just not understanding.  I use the mastery spell Invigorate.  Cast it so it shows the buff on the buff bar, then cast it again so I get the message saying that the spellsong has been interupted and seeing that the buff is removed from the buff bar?  Is that what folks mean when they talk about turning it on and off?  Is that all there really is to gaining provoke at this level?  I gotta be missing something.

    Thanks again.
  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,228
    Honestly, i was blessed to be able to find SOTs when i made mine so i have no idea on using the provoke mastery. I would play with it until you get gains then you'll know you're on the right track. 

    I do know the taming mastery to gain is silly easy but just as time consuming as going out hands on. 
  • HazHaz Posts: 15
    Thanks Urge
  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,743
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    Disco is all I know about, I would play it  (the mastery)  on a bonded pet *I used a bug* then invis self to break that.  Be sure to order the pet to stay
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