Need some advice

It's a whole new game from what I remember.. from templates to items, I feel lost. I've been googling like a mad man absorbing as much info as I can but again, still lost.

My first char that I made about a week ago was a sampire, having a decent time with that. Still not geared out, still not really getting it but its getting better. I've decided to make a caster type for something to do besides the sampire, I would like for this template to be more pvp oriented.

I chose Gargoyle (I know people seem to be against that race for pvp) and I'm going caster type. This is what I think will work..

Evaluating Intelligence
Resisting Spells

I don't know what the final numbers would be, I have no clue what the items would be. I've heard a weapon skill and bushido mage is good but I don't see a fit with a gargoyle so I went mysticism for the racial ability (still not sure how the racial ability will impact my final template) I have also heard that without parry I will get chewed up and spit out by melee. The wiki has been helpful but for more specifics and gaining knowledge from experienced players would be extremely helpful.

Any and all advice is welcome, please keep in mind I'm a new to the era player and a lot of the acronyms are lost on me.


  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,334
     That combo should pretty effective pvm maybe even awesome.  You can cast rc while flying and do real damage with slayers casting direct damage spells while your targets are fighting the rc.  Because of the difficulty in obtaining the reagents a mystic needs, you would probably want a 100 lrc suit and it would have to be mage armor or leather for your mage to be effective.  Don’t do pvp but think for pvp you would replace your magery skills with tactics, anatomy and a weapon skill.  Mystics can wear the same armor fighters wear they don’t require mage armor.  Hopefully, a pvp player will respond that can provide a better answer to you question. 
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