Sometimes recall spell consumes a lot of mana and some health

It happens to me often. Not sure if it's some kind of hidden game mechanic or a bug.

I have a runebook with runes marked to different mage shops around the world.

Often after using a recall spell from the runebook I see some of my hitpoints is lost and about 40% of mana is lost.

Here is an example:
HP: 124 (before recall) -> 122 (after recall)
Mana: 199 (before recall) -> 124 (after recall)


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    Crossing a server line, it takes off your gear and puts it back on. So you probably have +4 Strength, and +75 Mana/int on your suit. 
  • Oh, I see. Could you please explain what crossing a server line means?
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    Sometimes going from one floor to another in a dungeon kills my Stamina.  Now that sux when a para WW and para AOL are standing there.
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    Oh, I see. Could you please explain what crossing a server line means?
    Different parts of the land in Ultima Online run on different computer servers. For example the cities of Britain and Trinsic are located on different servers. So when you travel from Britain to Trinsic your character crosses between the two servers at some point. This is called crossing a server line. 
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    Server lines are shown on the trammel and felucca maps on this page as lines of dashes.

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    Can you die from crossing a server line?
  • no, it only takes away increases like hpi
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    “I believe this may be able to be fixed,
    as the +skill from jewellery etc does not get reset (if you were in combat would give you a 20 second cool-down before re-applying)
    so why not for stats?

    many people lose half their mana when crossing sub servers.

    what do you think @Misk ?”
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