Pet message is not showing when Loyalty drops

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When you tell the pet to attack, they must have line of sight or they may lose loyalty.

There have been quite a few line of sight issues and pets going wild in the Dark Forest and other places.


[petname] looks around desperatelyA line-of-sight check failed and the pet’s loyalty level just dropped.
[petname] has decided it is better off without a master
Displayed when a pet loses all remaining loyalty to its master, be it from being released or failed commands/line-of-sight checks.  

These two messages are supposed to appear.  The second one does but too late for you to save your pet.

The game was designed to give a message when pet loyalty drops.

I have rarely seen the pet look around desperately.  I have seen it rarely and only when the pet is almost wild, below Rather Happy.

If the target is clearly not visible like around a corner you get the message "Your pet can not see the Target"  This does not cause loyalty loss.

What is happening now:

When you target something that looks right in front of the pet but it is on a hill or in a valley your pet will growl and lose loyalty.  The pet does not display the message: "looks around desperately".  That should be a message that is above the pet like it is talking.

This message does not appear every time the pet loses loyalty.

Like I stated.  The game was designed to tell us when pets lose loyalty.  It is not doing it.

Even with the sound on players may not hear the growl.  We are killing many things and there is a lot of noise from other pets and mobs.  Some play with the sound off.

Expected result: The pet should tell us when we do something to cause loyalty to drop.

Thank you.  We love our pets and do not want them to go wild while we are playing UO as intended.

The problem this is causing:

The tamer notices the pet not attacking so they tell it again, and the pet looses loyalty again.  Then the tamer may repeat over and over, Causing the pet to go wild.


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    I have never seen those messages but I have heard my pet get mad so I know I did something wrong at that time.
  • AaylaAayla Posts: 170
    Half of those messages in the wiki pages aren’t working. I’m not sure if it's an easy fix or they’ll put that on the list that they’ve never go thru 
  • AaylaAayla Posts: 170
    It's so cool to get NO feedback from a dev. Really.
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    @Kyronix @Bleak @Misk

    Welcome back from your temporary release from the dungeon Mesanna keeps you in!

    Can we fix this issue so pets will have an above head notification when they use loyalty as the game was intended to have please.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,175
    I think you have addressed this with a Message in Pub 110.  Thanks!
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