2 Bugs for "Treasures of" event

@Kyronix ; @Mesanna

I noticed during Treasures of Deceit that when a LL had a map on the corpse it was cache level and when they were a paragon LL and had a chest, the map in that chest was also cache level (thought it should be hoard given the paragon chest adds 1 level). I thought it just probably Deceit / the LL being buggy (I didn't really check any other mobs chest bc their chest level wasn't going to be hoard).

Fast forward to the Treasures of Ice event now, I've killed several ice fiends and I've found cache level maps on their corpses and I've also killed several paragons and grabbed those chests too. I was able to confirm that they too are just cache maps in the chest (again I think these should be +1 level from the corpse map drop due to them being paragon correct?). 

Just for sake of testing, I checked a snow element paragon chest and that was a supply map. I haven't seen a map on a regular snow element yet but I'd think that a regular snow element would drop supply since the next level down would be stash. 

I thought maybe the whole system was changed and paragon chests no longer added +1 level to their non paragon counterparts but I've had some others confirm that other mobs like Miasma/Blood Ele/etc still work as expected (and like they have for years with the +1 map level in chests).

All that said, seems like the Treasures of mobs are bugged and not generating the correct maps in their chests. 

The second bug is pretty straight forward (thought it would be fixed from ToD) and that's the shard bound tag not being added to the vendor outside the dungeon. Example: The Ice Slayer talisman in the reward list doesn't display "Shard bound" but when you claim the reward it is shard bound. I remember seeing something about this would be fixed in future events (the table legs say shard bound but nothing else does).



  • AragornAragorn Posts: 285
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    For bug 2, as potion of glorious fortune was taken out from store due to inaccurate description, I believe all Treasure of Ice rewards, except unfinished table legs which has correct description, should be taken out from this event as well.

    Now everyone can concentrate on getting their unfinished table leg as this year xmas gift :) 
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,191Moderator
    I believe the 'higher level in the paragon chest' changed with the treasure map update. Ice fiend/lichlord gave level 4, cleverly maps, their paragon chest would therefore have level 5, deviously maps. Both those map types became 'Cache' in the convertion, see the table on this page: https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/gameplay/treasure-maps/

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    @Mariah - Ah ok that makes sense. Thanks!
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