Tears of the Ice Dragon



  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,815
    keven2002 said:
    @ Cookie - You have a very valid point on the spellbook being like the slayer one from Deceit. That would allow people who missed out on getting all the slayers from the invasion a chance to work towards one. I'd agree it would likely be Ice Slayer (rather than element since there is also Repond/Reptile down there).

    I think the 1/3 casting jewelry would certainly be nice but honestly think this will be harder to get simply because Devs are worried about power creep (at least I think). 
    Oddly enough the better slayer to use in Ice is the Snow Elemental Slayer. I have 29 SDI Snow and Ice slayers and the Snow one does a lot more damage on the various creatures then the Ice slayer does. Even against the Ice Elementals.
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,334
    Am I missing something?  Just looked at the items a player can obtain for turning in items and really don’t see anything I would have much use for.  Only six prizes with the top prize being a spell book without lmc or lrc and only 15% increased spell damage.  Not much into deco.  Are any of the prizes other than the spell book useful to a player playing the game.  Thanks
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