Changes To Reforging - Stealth Nerf?

In the past, I have been able to reforge 5 HCI on armor. I have multiple pieces of armor in several suits with this option. Now when I try to reforge replacement parts of the suits, I cannot choose this option when reforging. When did this happen? All the guides on reforging still list this as an option on armor. This really screws me over if this is intentional.


  • PawainPawain Posts: 4,672
    Try all the tools. They all do not have the same options. It is there.
  • Pawain said:
    Try all the tools. They all do not have the same options. It is there.
    When I originally did this, I used either dull copper runic or shadow runic. I only wanted one extra property. Now I want 5 HCI & 10 STA. Copper runic does not allow the option for HCI. Dull copper runic does, Shadow runic does. I was using copper runic to get 10 sta + 5 HCI this tiime around. So this means I assume that I cannot reforge max STA with shadow runic?

    All hammers should allow the same options, imo. Devs is this a bug?
  • PawainPawain Posts: 4,672
    It has been that way since reforging began.  Obviously it is intended.

    Try making shields, its also like that.
  • Well this seriously sucks. Bronze runic will not allow HCI reforge either. I burned multiple shadow runics chasing 10 STA 5 HCI just to make sure (I figured it was not possible). 6 STA, 4 HCI was the best I came up with.
  • @Estel_Randir - There are certain properties that are not available as you go higher (because they aren't intended to be combined consistently); for example "auspicious" is something that caps out pretty low so you also wouldn't be able to reforge 150 luck & 10 stam unless it's random. 

    That said, I believe that you COULD technically get this piece crafted if you did not select the second property and it was randomly put on there... that said the chances of that happening are extremely low. 

    Lastly, just an FYI, whenever I'm looking to see what a runic can do I check it out of TC1 first to try to see if possible before burning through charges on a regular shard. 
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