EM Hanarin deceives players

For over 4 years EM Hanarin has spoken English at events and always gave players an opportunity to get boss health bar. Today, he became the character he was playing at the event: the Grinch.

He decided to run today's event in Korean only and spawned the boss with several other monsters of the same name, graphic and abilities at the same time. Players had no idea which one to attack and were punished for attacking wrong monster of same name/graphic. Korean players said at EM hall after the event he had told the Korean players which one was the EM Boss and which to attack, but only in Korean. This is the first time and unacceptable. This must be the last time he will do this.

With a large English speaking population on Arirang we had the gift of English at events and that is too bad we do not have that anymore. However, there is no spot in the EM program to deceive players like this with EM Boss monster and must be stopped immediately and reprimanded swiftly. 

@Mesanna please investigate
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I will be slow to reply because I cannot log in/stay logged in to the forums.
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  • EM NihilEM Nihil Posts: 260Event Moderator
    I highly suggest you to send an email to mesanna@broadsword.com to ask investigation for your argument.
  • RorschachRorschach Posts: 509Moderator
    I highly suggest you to send an email to mesanna@ broadsword.com to ask investigation for your argument.

This discussion has been closed.