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Why ALL the sleeves (leather, bone, plate, ringmail, chain, turtle hide,etc,,,,) artwork dont display ingame on EC Client???!

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    Tell me about it.
    I like seeing my armor in classic client.
    I don't like that the Enhanced client makes me look naked.

    I knew there was a problem with seeing arms while wearing it...
    but why does it cover up the pants too?

    I'd hate to see what it looks like without my cloak... lol
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    ** Clear and obvious comment**.

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    It’s because of the tabard. It was even mentioned to the devs and no change was made. Take the tabard off and it looks normal. Makes no sense at all. I really hope it is fixed someday as I also really dislike the bare arm look. 
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    Also the title of this thread is unnecessary.  Just make the subject relevant to the post. You need to trick people to see your thread? :/
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    I went back to the CC avatars a long time ago because of this but some sleeves don't show on it either
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    There is also an ugly opening on the upper arm without the tabard, as shown on my forum avatar
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    This issue has already been reported, in a less sensational way.
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