Mesanna, are you going to fix the invisible tile any time soon?

Kinda fed up with the same scripting cheat using the exploit?  You going to do something about it?

@Mesanna ;


  • Mesanna, go to any 18x18 idoc I nato, you can see the tile as your guys put it there, then watch as the well known cheat slams in a plot in the EXACT same time, every time. You know, and we know it's being used, so how about some action. You can add some more "real" cheats to your ban list on the news letter as well.
  • IBTL
  • yep isn't that the truth, lock it and hide it so the scripters can continue their trade.......

  • I am sure Mesanna has been going to the 18x18 Atl idocs and monitoring how quickly  the plot goes in after the tile gives up the timer. I am SURE she is watching this and getting ready to ban the cheater.  You would have thought someone tapping into the DEV tool would have been kicked ages ago..........

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    @JackFlashUk ; your conspiracy's are beyond crazy!
    The so called "invisible tile" was fixed like 1 year ago. you just complain over and over and over, because you dont understand game mechanics and how to placement tool work. you should invest your time into some learning.
    and now you are accusing the people that place houses faster than you, to be part of the team or using the new dev tool? meaning he is a Staff?
    you should learn with the past election this year, do you have any proof? or this is just like all the crazy people that accuse people of something without any evidence? *facepalm* 
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    @Mariah this is the type of post that need to be locked, people like him are here and on other forums, spreading rumor's and conspiracy plot's without any evidence and I guess they just do those things for pleasure!
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    @JackFlashUk ; IF you have any actual evidence of this exploit please send it to Here is not the place for discussing it.
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