deceit drops and turn in points

while remaining deceit turn in points did get wiped like announced somebody "forgot" to turn off the spawn. You can still get deceit drops and you can still turn them in and they'll show up as points on the turn in guy outside deceit

This happened on Siege Perilous around 3:20 am ET (wipe was announced for 23:59:00 ET)


  • ChrilleChrille Posts: 140
    Looks like its going until server down and then not getting back when server comes back up.

    Didn't know that points got wiped at midnight, nothing in the info said anything about that. Only info was that it would end at 23,59 est and from testing that ment the reward char got deleted.
  • it said they were going to get wiped when you brought up the menu of the turn in guy.

    It took server maintenance to fix the spawn and turn in guy. The turn in guy is now gone and the spawn is back to normal.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 4,672
    The points got wiped if you logged of after 11PM eastern.  So if you logged off to retrieve your mount you lost points. But if you put on new items and did not log off you were able to get things till server down.  We had 2 guys in there on LS till after 3 am. 

     The NPC said he ends at that time so they gave you some extra time if you did not log off.
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