There is nothing wrong with saying PVP lives Matter!

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There is nothign wrong with saying PVP lives Matter! Stop deleting plz.


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    Pvp game play matters, pvp lives are merely pixels and should not be compared to real lives.

    Please contribute useful, thought out, constructive suggestions on how pvp could be improved and desist in this useless goading of the moderators.

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    You know that's not what I am doing. You Banned me from this form for No reason. Because you was offended by some words that were meant to express an opinion that you didn't like.

    In case you didn't know, these are REAL people sitting behind these monitors and we don't all share the same ideas. You deleting my posts and closing them is just adding gas to the fire. Not the right way to handle it. So when I say PvP Lives Matter, What I mean is, this game was started as Fel Only, then went to having a tram.

    This game HEAVILY focuses on Tram and Neglects FEL. It is NOT Okay! We that have been here since 1997 are letting you know rather you like it or not. GIVE FEL ATTENTION! At least Equal Attention.
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