full bag amount question

Hi I would just like this information cleared up for me.  Someone told me a good way to keep a deceit drop from being lost or taken is have lots of items in your bag to fill it up.  Then once you remove an item it is placed into your bag.  So I did it and it worked.  Then i mentioned this to someone else and they said its cheating.   Is this cheating?


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  • Just insure it 
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    Not cheating, but also not very efficient. First if your bag is full you may miss a drop because there isn't room for it, second if you die, that's going to make and awful mess of your pack. Insuring or using a bag of sending is a much better option
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    looting monsters usually take the highest wieght items first.  i keep a pile of gold or 2.  if you dont insure your item, you can still lose it, just lower chance.

  • I wouldn't call it a cheat, at most it could be viewed as an "abuse of game mechanics", but that mechanic is clearly intended to be there, otherwise drops would just be replaced by a message stating 'your pack is too full and cannot hold any items' and the item would just be deleted.

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  • Loading your pack totally full of junk is a poor method.

    Don't loot stuff or carry anything not insured, don't waste money insuring items, and don't waste bag of sending charges. Limit what can be looted. You are there for drops, not to loot gems, gold, pick through items, etc. Carry a box with 10-20 blank runes in it. When you die, the mobs will loot the runes instead of your drops. I do not use bag of sending, I do not insure drops, I often have 5 to 10 or more drops in my pack. Since I started the rune-box method, no drops have been looted from my corpse. Believe me or not, it works for me regardless.

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