please fix dismount bug

ElvisElvis Posts: 53
1. get off mount
2. arm dismount special on weapon
3. get on mount - dismount stays armed (bug)
4. run up to person and get off mount next to person
5. dismount hit instantly

using script make this even more dumb


  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    edited February 2021
    “Issue confirmed. To clarify the issue here, a script is used to automatically dismount yourself when you’re within 1 tile of a target and toggle dismount/riding swipe special enabling you to dismount a target while both you and the target is moving. This was a minor annoyance when only one particular person with a bane dragon was doing this, now multiple people are abusing this script.
    possible solutions: 
    1: ban those using non approved third party programs (not recommended)
    2: or disable dismount/riding swipe toggle while mounted AND place a half second delay before enabling weapon special toggle after dismount (you already cannot toggle the dismount special while mounted however you can currently get around this by simply dismounting yourself, toggle dismount special on, remount and approach target. Riding swipe you can currently toggle on while mounted)”-+-
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