Turkey Hunt Fiction - November 12th 9PM EDT

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Petree woke up from his dream and rushed to his work table to jot down his plans. The Thanksgiving feast would be upon them soon and Petree had the perfect contribution! Petree was going to create a potion to calm the wild turkeys and lure them back into kingdom. Several days later after some potion testing on some rats, Petree went out to the forest and laid traps for the turkeys. Laying several bread trails back to a cave where he had a work table set up with his potions and ingredients. After testing out his potion on several rats and studying them become peaceful and following him around his rooms he concluded that this was finally it. Laying several nets under the trees that the largest flock of birds in the kingdom often frequents Petree left for the night to return to the cave that he would be working in. Heading back out shortly after dawn, Petree was able to recover several birds within the nets. Dragging the traps back to the cave and making sure that the fishing net he had borrowed was covering the mouth of the cave, Petree freed the turkeys to let them roam the cave. In preparation Petree had laid out several piles of nuts, berries, and bread crumbs to keep the birds calm. Petree mixed up his potion and poured it into the water bowls that he had placed around the cave then he left to set new traps for the evening. After repeating this process three nights in a row Petree had quite the selection of turkeys within the cave. Documenting his observations, he noticed that the birds had split into three smaller groups and one turkey that was on the larger side was left to roam between the groups. Feeling sorry for the large bird Petree decided to name him Gobbles. Petree continued to spend time with the birds, Gobbles at his side the entire time. After several days of routine behavior Petree noticed no changes in behavior other than the segregation into groups. Deciding that the potion was not working in the water dishes Petree decided to drip a small amount onto each bird before he left for the evening. When it came to the end, Petree was not sure if he had given Gobbles any and not seeing any residue on his large back, he decided better to be safe than sorry and added the drops to him. The next morning Petree went to the cave and before he had a chance to loosen the netting and slide inside he heard disturbing noises. Stepping up to the net and pushing against it Petree could make out movement from the shadows. As the sun rose, shedding more light into the moth of the cave, Petree stood in shock looking at the strange sight. Inside out turkeys lurched and rolled across the cave while Jelly turkeys oozed across the floor. Strange grinding noises echoed as Rock turkeys slowly peeled away from the wall. A strange thudding noise came from deeper in the cave and from the deepest shadows a giant Gobbles waddled out, hunched over and no longer able to stand upright in the cave. Heaving a sigh, Petree turned to head back to the kingdom wondering if it was better to report this issue to the hunters or the Royal chef.

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