Price Check A Meer Dream Catcher

SylphSylph Posts: 19
I just returned after taking a really long break and was curious of the price on some of the items I've collected over the ages, anyone know what this is currently worth on Atlantic?

Thank you in advance!


  • PolarisPolaris Posts: 106
    I would guess in the range of 250-500m. I know that is a large range, sorry but it is hard to be more exact. Get you an auction safe for your house and place it on there. Before you do, set your vendor search settings for "auction item" and "low to high" and search for the word "Dream" and see if any are on there. If there is one, you will have to sell for lower than theirs likely to sell it fast. If there is none, start around 500m and if no one buys it, lower the price every so often.  :) :)  Welcome back to UO.
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