Today I lost a 10 year old SL warehorse

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So I was in deceit tram fighting to get artis when a Osein Reim (Paragon) killed me. I did like everyone else does, log out to save the horse (sometimes finding a vet to ress it takes hours on non-atl shards and you cant ress it yourselves with bandages, its not like the vvv warhorse)

After logging in again (20 second later) the horse was dead on ground and there was no ghost warhorse to ressurect.  I ress up and try the pet summon ball,  try relog, check stables, but no, its gone. Status bar says 0 followers.

So, I lost my warhorse that is 10-15 years old.
It was not trained it was just a warhorse green from Faction days that I have had in 10-15 years of PvP dying and resskilled in PvP, different felucca dungeons and facets, it has died countless of times, but this Osein Reim (Paragon) it didnt survive.

You cant get a warhorse like this anymore, you cant trade them from other players. Its basically unique to the character, and its gone.

To me you could get rid of all the artis from the event, all event together including the devtime to make the event if I could have the warhorse back.  Why am I making this post?  Bugs like this shouldnt exist in the first place. I dont care about new content or whatever when I lose an old pet like this to a bug. Bug shouldnt exist, period.

Lucky for you its 3 hours since I lost it, Lucky for you I have another green warhorse in stables for backup. But it is important to fix bugs like this so others dont have to live through them also

Do you want any info of the incident?
Shard: Europa
Character: psycho Tacos
Location Deceit trammel, first level
Time and date: 23rd october 2:08 PM
Enemy that killed it: Osein Reim (Paragon)
Warhorse bought: 10 or 15 years ago
Character been xfered: Never, always been on shard
Mythical or advanced token used: Never used any of them on the character
Stable full: Not full, room for other pets
Increased stable slots used: none on this character
Client: UO 2d with UO assist
Macros for pet: none, no mount macro in UOA
Money in bank: yes, hundreds of millions
personal mood: not amused

Steps to reproduce:
1: Have a characater that has a bonded pet.
2: Die on character
3: Let pet die to an Osein Reim (paragon)
4: log out the second pet dies
5: Log in and find the pet dead on floor and gone with no ghost

I cant think of any more info you want from me, I will however reply to this thread if devs need more info. Im sure theres hundreds of people following these steps all the time with no consequences, so its not apparant following the steps will reproduce the bug.

Off topic:
Why can you even log out to save or get your pet? its awful game design and people log in/out all the time, its not good.


  • aCMaCM Posts: 5
    All the pets you "summon" (War horse, vvv horse, triton, vollem, proxy dragon and so on), they all have this bug.

    If you log out with a dead summoned pet for a long (not all the time), it will just go poof.
  • psychopsycho Posts: 204

    So its a feature!, cool B)
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    psycho said:
     I did like everyone else does, log out to save the horse

    This is exploit abuse. How can you ask for help when your exploit abuse went wrong?
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,687
    Did you check your stable?
  • SethSeth Posts: 1,281
    I lost my bonded pet skeletal cat from UO store years ago, and they refused to even reply a single mail or post to my bug report. Zero from Dev team, for a bug that cost me real life money. 

    So yours is a game item that is no longer available but is also not obtained by paying cash. Sorry to say I would be very disturbed if they decide to do anything to solve your mount, instead of my faulty merchandise paid for in real cash.
    We love bugs....
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    Mervyn said:
    psycho said:
     I did like everyone else does, log out to save the horse

    This is exploit abuse. How can you ask for help when your exploit abuse went wrong?

    I ragelogged, is that not allowed?

    Anyway its a feature introduced when people couldnt find their pet, devs said "lets add this feature so you can log out and in and the pet will be with you"  and people did.  Now we have the log-in server being spammed by thousands of log-ins everyday because of this "feature".

    Anyway, im not the one losing in this case, I have many warhorses on multiple chars so its not the point. But I wont spend any money on UOstore, upgrading accounts or renewing subscriptions on my accounts for the next year until we have a bug-free environment. I can use my money elsewhere np
  • SethSeth Posts: 1,281
    I think that is the bug, pet dies when you are logged out but your char is still in the world. Then when logged in there was no ghost. I recalled back then, my client crashed or what while i was training magic resist at Haven. After login in, I cannot find the ghost anywhere. 
    We love bugs....
  • SethSeth Posts: 1,281
    To add to my post, what I mean is that I was fighting before somehow I logged off (due to crash or what, I cannot remember. When we logout while fighting, the character remains in the world.
    We love bugs....
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    I've heard TB Warhorses look better, and are more sturdy. :)

    But yeah sucks, I know how you'd feel.

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