moderation on this forum need to be adress

@mesanna a forum is a place people can speak freely of the game...people are starting coming to your uo forum and the minute the point of view is not the same of the moderator they close thread. This is why other related forum of uo have way more user....if someone said something about a thing a devs have already anwser why he cant say is opinion??? you dont care about opinion off people playing for this game??? if the post is done in respect i see nothing why wecant speak freely here. stop this damn censure


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    This is also an official game forum, and the users should moderate themselves, because what they write is a first impression of the game to anyone coming and looking. :)

    The other forum does not have that responsibility. The other forum, anyone can also join, whereas here is live active players only.

    And I'm not saying I'm perfect here, I think I've been moderated as much as anyone :D

    But I do think people forget their manners in general on forums, which is a shame, and much of people's behaviour should not really be tolerated.

    So no real problems with the moderation, when I get moderated, I usually know I deserved it.

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    Agreed. It seems a very "our way or the highway" situation
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    Private Property. No Shirt, No Shoes, no contribution to the community, NO POST.

    I like it.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    Broadsword is running a business, not a democracy. They have every right to enforce their forums in a way that represents their business product in the best possible light. This is why places like Stratics and the large UO Discord exist. You can and are encouraged to speak far more freely there. 

    I think everyone gets this. But I also think people still want to push the envelope here because they like hurling abuse at the dev team. They know the devs are not paying attention to those other platforms. It shouldn't be a surprise when they moderate with a heavy hand. 
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    I have not experienced this but two things are for sure..

    An open forum is a populated forum and a populated forum is a populated game. One of the first things I look at before diving into a game is the population of said forum posts. This game being an exception. Again, I have not had a single Mod issue here at the forum so I don't agree or disagree but stifle forum users and stifle the forum. It's just a fact.
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    Linked at the bottom of this, and every, forum page:
    1. Please Treat ALL Posters with Respect and Courtesy.
    When you post your disagreement respectfully, they remain visible and the threads open. When you attack other players or members of Broadsword's team you are in breach of this, the very first rule.
    It is not conflicting points of view that is the problem, it is the very rude and discourteous way some posters express it.
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