Destinie Moon's Deco Contest

[from Destinie Moon]

Halloween Decorating Contest


Hosted by: Destinie Moon

Judges: AS IF I am going to tell you (cant be bribing my judges)

1. Please decor whatever house, room, floor, place you call yours you want.

2. Submit a rune to one of my MANY mailboxes and one of my MANY houses. I do mean many.. if you cant find one of my houses chances are you just need to ask the person next to you. OR holler in general chat. SOMEONE will know how to get it to me.

3. I will be making a rune book for EVERYONE who want to see the houses available to see. So please make sure you are ready to have your house or decorated place for public display.

4. My Judges will NOT be the Final Vote.. I will be asking for a public poll much more fun than Nov 3rd!!

NOW for Prizes!!

Just tonight I got a small soul forge as a drop.. sounds like a nice grand prize.

Second Prize 5 or 7thth year vet crafting reward such as Blacksmith press, sewing machine, writing desk, etc of your choice.

Third prize 1 set of Vet teleport tiles.

Participation rewards will be Goody bags So anyone who submits anything wont walk away empty handed.

Please submit the runes by Oct 25th

Judging will be Oct 30th.


for participating have a Happy October!

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