The Black Gate Champ Spawn *Spoiler Thread*



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    The shards that have Renowned fire eles should look in the backpacks. Most have gems.
  • The only publicly-available documentation I know of for the reward drops from this spawn is here:

    the statement, and it isn't much, is:

    [[Final reward drops from the Black Gate Champ Spawn are limited to one per account.  Participation rewards are unlimited.]]

    Note that there's nothing there about the "final reward drop" being granted to everyone who gets rights.  In the past when there's been such a system they have not been subtle about it.  (Example: Remember fighting the Shadowlords underneath Demon Temple at the side of Queen Dawn?  There they were very open that everyone who got rights on the Shadowlords would get a Doom Artifact, but the number of shards you'd get were very limited.  In fact I've seen only two out there, though I know there are more.)

    Further note that when you've gotten a talisman and kill the champ again we get a message to the effect that you've already gotten the reward.

    Conclusion one: We cannot safely assume that it's intended that everyone who gets rights on the champ gets a talisman. Not sure what could make folks think that was happening, let alone what could make folks read RL politics into that.  (Still trying to figure that out but I doubt I'll devote more than 20 more seconds to that thinking.)

    Conclusion two: We can safely assume that the talisman is the "final reward drop," not the "participation reward."  We safely can assume the cube is the "participation reward."

    Conclusion three: Going a little further out on the limb we can likely assume that the cube drop is not working as intended.

    Now I can't speak for what they might say to try and retcon their intent but honestly at present the intent seems relatively clear. 

    *shrugs*  I'll take what comes I guess.
  • Archangel said:
    Hi, I completed it on a veteran paid account, My backpack was not full and I got looting rights.. Thing is the game froze on me or lag, had to re-log in, and well, found nothing...   also myspeech did'n show on chat, and all was unresponsive by the end of spawn 
    I didn't realize it, but others have pointed out that sometimes you can get looting rights on Batlin, but not get a talisman. Sounds like you might just have to redo the spawn. Hopefully you'll get the tali the 2nd time around!
    Thanks  :)
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