Recall bug - Incorrect error message

psychopsycho Posts: 246
When recalling to a place where you get teleported, you get the message even though the recall failed due to reagents.

steps to reproduce this bug:
1 Mark a recall rune
2 Place a house at that location
3: try to recall on the rune
With reagents you will get teleported to the stairs of the house - this is fine
However with no reagents or 99% reagents and the recall fail due to reagents you will still get the message "Strong magics have redirected you to a safer location" yet you are not teleported because the recall failed.

I consider this a programming error, where you check for reagents after the recall message, yet before the actual recall takes place.
I actually copied a char from a prod shard to TestCenter 1 to try this out, and its the same on the Test Center 1. 

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