Chessy Tram Castle n contents for sell

Im not playing chessy much anymore and i really dont want to dismantle and try to move it all lol  so im selling castle with everything in it. deco is about 70% done, there are some lock down boxes people can see in, lots of rubble, little of this, little of that lol  send me a Q if interested 105811531  cords are 130.16N 84.18E    pics are posted in rares forum on stratics, files are to large to post here apparently.......


  • JepethJepeth Posts: 274
    Don't leave us Dixie
  • Jepeth said:
    Don't leave us Dixie

    im not leaving =) just playing on baja and dont have time to dismantle it all.  and if i start taking things out then itll just make it look a mess lol. so figure ill just sell it all and start over =)
  • UlyimaUlyima Posts: 8
    Still for sale by chance?
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