New Legacy ? Let's make it fun for all mby ?

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1. Wipe all shards, make only 3 region shards US/EU/Asia - with current patch.
2. Stop let players build houses in open world, make green heels and sell plots or let build 1 house for payed acc in separated zone (house will be just suspended till u pay again ur sub).
3. Let build houses in open world only for contest winers in archetecture events.
4. Make 3 sesonal servers with 3 region shards US/EU/Asia - start "vanila uo" on those shards with sequence like AOS-ML-SE-SA-EODON with everything also u want to add for it.
4.1. Every sesons shuld be scaled based on content in this addon, for example AOS-ML-SE-SA-EODON (6months-7months-8months-9months-10months).
4.2. All skill gain rates on sesonal shards shuld be improved 2х - 10х (after transfer u no need to hard work on ur character on normal shard, so u will put all ur effort in season shards).
4.3. At the end of season u shuld be able for free transfer all characters (or only 1) to ur normal servers with everything u can put only in ur bank.
5. After last current addon is pass on seson shards, start add new addon with 1 year sequence on seson shards, and after seson end, improve normal shards with this addon.

P.S. Ty and SRY, English is not my native language.
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