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The short of it, I havent played in awhile and my friend gave me a suit for my sampire last time I was playing. I used to solo belfry without too much difficulty but since coming back that drag just destroys me. Looking for help on why thats happening was there some buff to the encounters or is it just ring rust so to speak. Anyways here as some SS's of stats my cameo is reptile slayer and I crafter a 100% cold axe that is also a reptile slayer.


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    Using your template to fight the Belfry dragon, I would
    1) Swap resist magic with anatomy for added damage (more leech)

    2) Increase HP to at least 140
    a) Try to get +25 hit points from gear
    b) Try to get +25 strength from gear
    The above will get you 150 HP, max. After that bring along Trinsic Rose for +5 Strength when cursed. 

    3) Increase Stamina to 180 at least (since resist magic is removed)

    4) What is your weapon spec like? Make sure it has HML of 81, HSL 50.
    If necessary can add HLL 81, though I don't need it for my sampire. 

    5) One school of sampire uses Counterattack (CA), with DCI 20, 120 Parry, and fully refined armor (75 for all resists and 80 for energy resist). Your template may not use CA effectively as I have tested the same last time, however, 45 DCI with 100 Parry is a quite a defensive template. So while I expect your warrior to survive, the only issue you need to do is to increase the damage (increases life leech)

    6) Are you using Swordsmanship Mastery + Onslaught? 120 Sword, Tactics will get you max damage. 

    7) Make sure you have enough Hit Lower Defense. 
    - Helmet or Mace/Shield Specs will get +30
    - Add another HLD +50 on weapon.
    The total HLD will not be 50 + 30 -> 80.... it is something around 60-70 HLD which is better than just +30. 

    Belfry - currently no matter what, I always get pushed down the ledge 3 times before killing the dragon. Last time (back in 2015), I believe resisting magic help to reduce the pushing but seems like no longer the case. The pushing now only happens 3 times and you cannot run from it, while last time the pushing is constantly applied throughout the fight and we can try to run from it. 

    Anyway, this pushing down is harmless, so you just need to kill the drakes to fly up again. 
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