Pet Training - What stats and skills to put on a Hiryu?

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What stats and skills should I put on a Hiryu to get the most out of using it for PvM? I already have completed its basic training. Now comes the planning stage.


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    Follow the step by step until you run out of points.  Read the whole thing.  There are 9 steps.
    My example was a very low starting stats Hiryu, so I had to not set things to the ideal values.

    For the last round you:

    1 Max Base damage per second.
    2. Choose something like Armor ignore, then Chivalry
    3. Put the scrolls you want on it.
    4. Add points to anything that was not able to be done in the first round.

    Finding one with near max Str and HP makes a big difference.

    Lesser Hiryus build better than Hiryus.
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