Of the 56 existing skills why only 33 are in the 6 skills' groups ?



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    I chose frostwood for the wood. Without the tali it is 25% ouch. So the Tali doubles chance.
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    Kirthag said:

    a flawed character is (imho) the better character to play. 
    having the uber character that can do/make/kill everything in a game is rather boring. 
    where is the challenge? how does one improve? 
    there is no challenge and no way to improve so why even bother playing?

    Apparently, though, rather then seeing Characters in game running and fighting naked or in plain NPCs' bought amor (that would be quite a challenge, wouldn't it be ?), I pretty much always see them going around and fighting in top notch gear, artifacts and the more and higher end the better....

    It looks to me a contradiction....

    Players open their mouth all the time to speak loud about challenge and yet, they seek the uber items with 17, 18 properties and most of them overcapped, bring on their Template some 12+ skills to be able to do pretty much most of what can be done in the game on one template and Solo this Boss or that other one rather easily thanking to their uber beefed up templates or quantity of skills thanking to skill items...

    If players want a challennge in the game and tough fights, why don't they go out there fighting Medusa with NPC bought armor rather then all artifacts/Legendary stuff and weapons imbued to all the most fine tuned properties and slayers to make that fight an easy one for them ?

    I mean, they talk about challenge BUT, then, they tailor their Templates to make those fights easy for them and, thus, not challenging any longer.

    Ain't that a contradiction ?

    If they want challenge, why do they want to beef up their Templates and gear to make those fights easy, rather then tough ones ?
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    That is their play style. They seek the uber gear - but if they ever get it, they most likely would get bored and eventually leave because well... what else is there?

    Really now - I still have my lovely silver vanq katana (altho it isn't called that anymore - more's the pity) and I take it to go romp around sometimes because really, the weapon's specs are the same as it always has been, is just named differently - and it is a weak weapon, comparatively speaking when you look at the uber drops that can and do happen, yes I give you that - but I keep it and I use it because well, it is sentimental to me and it took me forever to get it (back in the day) and I honestly love that katana regardless of what others say when I show up with it and they laugh at me. 

    I hate run-on sentences like that... is so cumbersome to write. I honestly dunno how you do it dude.

    My point is, the devs create the code to purposely mix it up so there is no "perfect" item - they have to be flawed, or believe you me, people will grow bored. It also gives the crafters a reason to *gasp* craft/alter/improve/imbue said items (another issue you harp on about).

    Basic psychology. Might wanna read up on it.

    As Mick Jagger croons, "You can't always get what you want."
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