transmogrification potion and Siege Perilous

Dear developers,

when these potions first came out on test center and people realized they could transfer mods from hawkwinds robe and other robe slot artifacts to blessed items occupying the robe slot (hooded shroud of shadows, parrots, clothing blessed robes, robes from the game shop etc. etc.) I warned that this will create an issue on Siege Perilous.
Siege Perilous has no insurance and has gotten the bless tags removed from such items as the ancient samurai helm or similar items to stay true to the "no blessed items" policy of this shard.
Over the years several blessed items with mods on them have been introduced which shouldn't have been blessed (tome of lost knowledge, blessed spell books with mods from the invasion events) but still made it to Siege with a bless tag. While this was annoying those spell books only created a minor advantage for mages who now had an additional blessed item along with the one Siege blessed item everyone has.
The majority of people playing on Siege don't play Siege DESPITE the no insurance rule, they play BECAUSE of the no insurance rule set! When you die, you lose your suit. It's true risk vs. reward and the players of Siege Perilous love it this way!

Now despite my warnings when the transmogrification potion came out on test center, they were introduced on Siege Perilous today and we now have even more blessed items with mods. I really hope this was a bleed over from regular shards that only accidentally allowed people to have additional blessed items with mods on Siege. I also hope this will be fixed quickly.
I'm not asking for the potion to be removed. Let people transfer mods to other robes all they want, just don't let them transfer to blessed items or remove the bless tag once transferred.

Can any developer please confirm that is was a mistake and will be turned off as soon as possible? 
Thank you for your time.


  • interestingly enough a guildmate emailed Mesanna about a transfer of mods that had gone wrong. He tried to get the conjurer's garb mods onto a hooded robe with a clothing bless deed applied. It did transfer the mods but the bless tag was gone.
    Transfering mods of hawkwind's robe for example worked fine on robes with clothing bless deed applied.

    Funnily enough Mesanna's answer was that he was trying to apply the conjurer's garb's mods onto a blessed item and that is not supposed to work on Siege so there was nothing she could help him with. I guess that in a way is confirmation that we are not supposed to have blessed robe slot items with mods on Siege Perilous.
    Please make sure while you fix the bug with the britannian robes being turned into monk's robes, you also fix the bug that allows people on Siege to get blessed robes with mods. Thank you!

    @Kyronix @Bleak @Misk
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