Oh Great, Another illegal seller spamming on Atlantic



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    popps said:
    McDougle said:
    just make it so EJ account cannot post in general ... he makes ej accounts or must as i have 12 avatar2 blocked...if they are paying accounts would be easy to ban him

    I do not see why legit players who want to actually play an EJ account should be so drastically penalized that they could not post in general just to stop a few sellers....

    No thanks.

    I must think that there MUST be other ways that could be found to STOP these sellers WITHOUT penalizing legittimate players....

    I mean, I am no Programming wizard BUT, would it be "that" hard at server up, the VERY FIRST TIME that the seller message pops up, that an automated software sees it and bans that players' ID ?

    I mean, we know that they can filter Chat speech for derogative and illegal words because they do ban users, so why couldn't they also look for certain keywords that sellers use and ban them the very first time that they pop their text up in Chat ?

    Sure, the might come back after a few days when they realize the ban but then, the automated code would again detect their selling text and ban then again, and over and over and over each time they do it.

    Also, I need to imagine that Broadsword can see the I.P. address of every single account that logs into UO, right ?

    So why couldn't they see what accounts these sellers use, double check the IP addresses they use, and just ban those IP addresses ?

    This way, even if they made other EJ accounts, they would not be able to log into UO from those IP addresses.....

    These are just a few hypothesis, what I am trying to say is, that I need to imagine that there MUST BE other ways to stop these sellers OTHER then penalizing all of the players that legittimatelly play EJ characters....

    As a former programmer - its not that hard.  Write a subroutine to strip out all spaces and non letter characters.  Then look for the offending persons website name in the text.  Then block the chat from being shown.  Manage said blocked list and you will never see it again.  Hes getting around the filter now by putting dots or spaces in the name but strip them out and you can't get around it by any means other than changing the text of the website.    w w w . u o . c o m becomes wwwuocom.   If someone chats with wwwuo or wwwuocom or uocom - block it.  You will never see someone advertise www.uo.com again.  This isn't that complex if you really wanted to stop it. 30 minutes maybe. Its only a couple people.  You would think a development team could tackle like 2 people running scripts to spam. 
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    It almost seems like they are involved...hmmm
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    This sort of speculation serves no one.
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