Three simplifications for Animal Training



  • TheoTheo Posts: 159
    Marge said:
    Theo said:

    This playerbase is a mess. No one wants changes for improvement.  Just because it was slow and hard for you doesn't mean it always needs to be slow and hard.  

    I didn't say I didn't want improvement - in fact I said it would be great if we could gain that way.

    Also, it was not slow and hard for me to gain; I used a mythic token. After using the token, I used the mastery. I didn't make a tamer until the masteries came out because I refused to do it the slow hard way.(In fact, I helped my husband make his tamer that way and refused to ever do it for myself that way.)

    It also sounds as if one of your main complaints about taming the animals is you are not making gold. Tame a pet with good starting stats and sell it. You can get a Magincia Stall or advertise in gen chat.
    You just validated my point.  Taming/releasing is slow and boring.  My point is make skill gain fun.  
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