@Mesanna lets talk this out.. before it gets too late to fix

First off I for one know how hard you work to make the game attractive to players.  EJ has added players once they get the message paying is the way to go.   But.....

Ok you will not like what I am about to say so sit on your hands for a minute and listen before you hit the exit button.  
A lot of things in UO have been left to flounder. All due to a belief that it will hurt the game. PFFT on that.  This is an area you really do need to get a fresh perspective on. 
1.) Bulk Order Books 
I could see your reluctance at making the books count as one item no matter how full of bods they are. The thing is though there is not much worth anymore in the bods rewards that players have not over made and sit on vendors for months. I am not joking here.  From Alchemy to Tinkering  there is not one item in the rewards that have not been over made to the point of value that would warrant this change to not be done.   

2.) Put the Davie's Locker back the way it was..  (this has 2 points to make)
  OMG a player who is moving shards has to waste nearly a whole packie or valuable space in the bank to take it with???  ITs maps and mibs for heavens sake not the vault at Fort Knox. (part 2) If you haven't noticed many have quit doing t maps myself included.  It was so messed up in the changes to where its impossible to do them for me anyways alone.  22 + years loving T hunting and its now something I have stopped doing totally.  (its a nail in UO coffin in my books)  You may favor Atlantic but there are other shards many of us call home.  Napa was and still is my most favored home its gone nearly dead but i loved to do my maps .... alone I tackled most of them to level 4 then if I could talk my son into helping me I did the others.
I was happy to have the fun and challenges they gave. 
Now... I hate it.  

I have not been given a preview to see the new content your planning but I ask you this. Think it over as as a player you once were.... not the boss.  Get the crew you work with and in house run it for a month as you would if you were an average player (no god powers or special god armor or weapons). And I mean play it..  get the feel as a normal player.   I trust you will see the weak points.  We are willing to wait for the publish to get a better outcome.    
Kudos to the designer of the mages package that was on Test. I fell in love with it and plan to get at least 2 sets of them. 

As always my friend;
Lady Storm 
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