Old Keeps need some love

We have two older Keeps on Sonoma, One was a gift to us when we returned in 2007 from a dear old friend that left the game, so we will never change it.  The other was the old guild house for the KVP and is in the township Caerleon, and I happen to like how I have done inside and the roofs of all the towers and also the main roof, so no I really do not wish to change to any of the new looks, but I would love access to the open spaces the old keeps have inside, how about a set of telly tiles in deed form we can click and add to the area in question.  The store could sell them like the raise garden beds, a set of three with a master telly tile to control them, same price.  They would of course be charged with gate scolls as before.  I would even settle for a set of two, in deed form so they could be placed.

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  • DanpalDanpal Posts: 94
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    Are you still able to get in there with the mouse hole? I know at one point you could.
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