Classic Client Macro Editor...would it be possible to improve it please ?



  • TrismegistosTrismegistos Posts: 127
    Editing macros in cc is a mess.

    But I doesn't need again an discussion why to play ec. If they remove the cc I will be off.

    So please optimize the macro Editor. It is even with a text Editor not possible to change things.
    And use an other 'which key was pressed' API. The one which is used, doesn't work with non English key names.
    Try numpad keys on a German OS system as trigger key.
  • Lady_StormLady_Storm Posts: 400
    EC has its uses but playing in it ... no way in hell will I go through the pain past what I get just in it to do a vendor look!  And for some of us its a non-fixable  issue.
    To me those pic's of the pets in cc then in ec sealed the deal for me to never try EC beyond the vendor look when EC players stack the junk in the selling bags.
    This game goes EC EA looses my money period.
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