Corwyn Library - Now Open!

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The Corwyn Library is now open to the public!

The library launches with 175 books across all different subjects and genres. Come learn about the lost village of Paws! Read a tale from Seer Daemon! Tackle Caster the Bard's epic collection of poems in 'The Ultima Cycle!' Learn all about the disgusting process of 'Spiritlinking' in the section of books about romance!

Explore the unique history of our shard and the players who have shaped it.

As you can see in the above photo, there are nine "academic" style shelves in the library. Those nine shelves hold the collection which have been safely red leafed and made available for access.

The categories of the shelves are:
  1. Seer and EM Stories
  2. Player City Tales
  3. Guild Tales
  4. History
  5. NPC Books 1
  6. NPC Books 2
  7. Player Tales 1
  8. Player Tales 2
  9. Stories about Professions, Items, and More
Also, don't forget the books available in the special collection room. Currently on exhibition is the nine part series on the world by Adamu Edom.

There are 19 empty shelves in the library for the collection to expand into. This can only be done with your help! Look deep in your bank vaults, your keep storage, your castle dungeons, wherever you may have player-written books and please leave a copy of them in the mailbox or contact me directly! I can only grow the library with your support!

Special thanks to Violet Darkthorn for an initial donation of over 75 books that form the backbone of the collection!
Special thanks to Marge for her donation of enough red leaves to keep the books in the library safe for months to come!
Special thanks to Chip for his donation of a Steward to hand out Library Runes!

The Library is at 56 25 S, 33 40 W in Felucca. Leave your belongings at home (Felucca is a rough neighborhood) and stop by today!


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    And don't forget to pick up a souvenir from the desk Elf!
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    I'm going to start giving regular updated to the library in this thread.

    The Corwyn Library has expanded to 276 books!

    Huge contributions have been made recently by Glory, Marge, and Violet Darkthorn. Come enjoy tales of Chesapeake's past, stories from the foreign land of Great Lakes, and rare history not available anywhere else! Some of these books have been in personal collections that haven't been seen by anyone else in over twenty years!

    Also, the player-submitted books for the last four EM Oracle event has been copied over from Artemis' archive and are now available for reading. Come see how you and your fellow players responded individually to these quests. Judge their grammar! Marvel at their brevity! All this and more at the Corwyn Library.

    Finally, enjoy the text of this book from the section on Player tales-> Love Stories:


    Title: Kitryn Stareye

    Author: Vitor Bellfore


    There are no 
    unlocking doors.
    There are no unlosable 
    There are no 
    unrightable wrongs or 
    unsingable songs.

    There are no 
    unbeatable odds.
    There are no 
    believable gods.
    There are no 
    unmemorable names, 
    shall I say it again?

    There are no 
    impossible dreams.
    There are no invisible 
    Each night when the 
    day is through, I dont 
    ask much I just want 
    There are no 
    uncriminal crimes.
    There are no 
    unrhymable rhymes.
    No longer will I give 
    you the things, for 
    people to sing.
    There are no incurable 
    There are no 
    unkillable thrills.
    One thing though still 
    holds true, I dont ask 
    much I just want you.
    There are no 
    unachievalbe goals.
    There are no 
    unsingable souls.
    And i'll teach you the 
    key to peace, if you 
    know what i mean.

    There are no 
    undesputable truths 
    and there aint no 
    fountain of youth.
    Each night when the 
    day is through, I dont 
    ask much I just want 
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    Hi everyone!

    Here's me checking in with the state of the library. The collection has grown to an incredible 426 books! As always, if you'd like to make a player-written book or academic bookcase donation please let me know!

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    Kudos, it's a wonderful work! <3 :)
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