Practical/Possible to Find Open Space for New Castle (Chesapeake)?

Long story short, I was someone who played the game a few years when it was brand new and came back to it much later with a new account.  Second account isn't new anymore either now, but I'm now looking to see if I can achieve a very old goal, while realizing it might not be possible.

After being stupid and forgetting I was going to lose my previous house, and worse it contents, after going a while without logging in, simply put, I'm wondering if its at all practical to hope to still find open space to put a classic castle (old house was smaller, and I could still rebuild there if I wanted to stay smaller)?  This would be Chesapeake shard, not as active as at least some others, but still realize I may be hoping for the impossible here.  I have everything ready except a place to put it, which I realize could be the hardest part of all.

I'm someone who has tended to stay in 'classic' Britannia, have very little familiarity with the portions of the world added later or what degree it would even be feasible to look in those places or look around for open space on my own.


  • JepethJepeth Posts: 360
    Finding a castle spot is really rare, but it does happen. You'd for sure find a tower or a customizable 18x18 spot pretty much anywhere. Also, welcome back!
  • KaneKane Posts: 7
    Dunno about a castle but I just found a place for a Keep in Fel today near Yew , like you i just came back to UO after a near 10 year absence and all my house and inventory were gone as well , that being said  a castle was a long time goal of mine as well but I have yet to find a spot 

    shard is Chesapeake BTW 

    anyway welcome back 

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