Town FC1 buff is too high

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In comparison to the other offered buffs, in context of the buff caps, I believe the Faster Casting 1 buff is too high. 

Trade Deals Include:
  • Guild of Arcane Arts: +5% Spell Damage Increase  (25% of pvp cap, no cap for pvm)
  • Society of Clothiers: +1% Resist bump to all resists (1.4% of cap of 70)
  • Bardic Collegium: +1 Faster Casting  (50% of pvp cap for Magery, Necro, & mysticism)
  • Order of Engineers: +3 Dexterity Bonus (2% of cap 150)
  • Guild of Healers: 5% Bandage Healing Bonus (N/A? 5%)
  • Maritime Guild: +2 Hit Point Regeneration (11.11% of cap 18)
  • Merchant’s Association: +2 Mana Regeneration (6.7% of cap of 30, although diminishing returns)
  • Mining Cooperative: +3 Strength Bonus (2% of cap 150)
  • League of Rangers: +3 Intelligence Bonus (2% of cap 150)
  • Guild of Assassins: +5% Swing Speed Increase (8.3% of cap of 60)
  • Warrior’s Guild: +5% Hit Chance Increase (11.1% of cap of 45)
    • Buffs will not go over cap
a similar comparison to imbuing intensity will also show FC1 bonus as having a higher intensity in comparison to the other trade deals.

I propose that Bardic Collegium should instead give a bonus Fast Cast Recovery 1, (which would be a reasonable 16.67% of a cap of 6) to make the buff's intensity in line with the others. 

I have spoken.

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    Wow. U saw the mandalorian aswell.   Can’t think of something original to end with.   Sad Merv, very sad 
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    I can actually agree with this post, either FC should have never been made a buff, or the others need a huge boost.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it.
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    We have no current plans to change this, thank you for the feedback.
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