Anyone know where to buy repair contracts?

I used to go to Luna market area but that is dead it seems.. no one seems to be keeping their vendors stocked anymore.. One is even listed as 2013 for new items.. LOL

I am looking to buy repair contracts for tinkers and others being I am a Paladin.. need to repair some bone armor, bracelet and rings etc.
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  • Use vendor search.  If you prefer to check vendors regularly there's Governor Tanda's castle ("mission") north of Minoc proper and a few other places I visit regularly that I'm drawing a blank on.

    But there's overall a few people who stock repair deeds at least semi-regularly.

    And Luna isn't dead but the WBB has made something of a comeback.

  • GybGyb Posts: 4
    On Great Lakes there are several houses that have publicly available repair benches in them, and an active community that restocks those benches with repair deeds. If you were to ask in general chat you would be quickly directed towards one.
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