Pub 109 Feedback

My friends and I attempted to give feedback and report bugs very recently and also in the past through all provided mechanisms: bug report form, in game help menu and direct emails to the producer.
After gauging the results, it's very concerning that only certain persons and email addresses receive responses.
With that being the case, this is more than likely the last bit of feedback I'll be providing directly.

It would make sense to fix major existing bugs and broken systems.

I'm not going to get into major bugs here but I'll touch on an example of a broken system briefly.

Take for example the magical fish finder. This reward item leads you to inaccessible locations very often. Why would anyone want to spend time in the Void pool to receive an item that was coded so poorly its unusable a vast percentage of the time. Not only do you get to waste time doing the void pool, you also get to waste time looking for the fishing location to find that you cannot reach it.
What a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

I've recruited new players and watched them struggle with frustration over a poor new user experience and broken systems. Most literally quit.

I've convinced previous subscribers to return. They glow with nostalgia and enjoy some content created during their break. This is replaced in a short amount of time with frustration and realization of addiction.
Most literally quit.

When it comes to acquiring testing, you do not have enough variety of players participating and providing substantial bug reports or feedback. The lack of high tier players involved is a true loss as well.

There is no incentive for providing a bug report or feedback. I can't describe a single instance when any bug we've reported has been rectified.
As previously stated it's common for these communications to fall on deaf ears or are simply ignored.
More times than not, it can be more beneficial to omit this type of information or use it for personal gain.

Since the group of paid players known as EMs aren't fulfilling your testing requirements, perhaps provide some type of incentive.
Most people do not wish to pay to test things. Everyone I know that tests things gets compensated for their work.

My last bit of feedback is you should not ignore players. It won't solve any problems, just create more.

As a paying UO subscriber and EA shareholder, it feels like a slap in the face.

*(I won't be responding to this thread)

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