Global Chat

The Global Chat button doesn't seem to do anything when you're on Baja, Izumo, or Origin.  Is it supposed to be working at this point or do we need to wait for something else to happen first?


  • From the patch notes:

    Global Chat (Please note this feature will require a database update and will not be immediately available when shards are back online)

  • MargretteMargrette Posts: 528
    edited March 2018
    Just saw a message pop up on Origin:

    However, only my own character's name shows up on the global chat gump and clicking on the Add Friend option gives the message, "Global Chat is currently unavailable."

    Also, for a character on a different account that was on Origin when the message appeared, nothing happens when she presses the Global Chat button.  I did log her off quickly to log on Baja (nothing happens there either) and then logged her back in on Origin.

    So currently, one char on Origin can get the global chat gump, which doesn't work, and the other character on Origin on a different account can't get the global chat gump to come up at all.
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