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These are mostly quality of life changes that I would love to have in the enhanced client. As a tamer knowing what my pet is actually attacking in a giant mob of creatures would be so very helpful. The town invasions have really shined a light on this problem where my pet changes target and I can't tell what it's attacking. Having a target of target lifebar would be extremely helpful. And to be able to see what another player is attacking so you can easily switch to their target when hunting in groups.

 Another feature that would be really nice is seeing damage you are doing and taking in a window. Something like a damage meter so we can fine tune our rotations and builds.I know that's possible even on a basic level because Pinco's has it in his custom UI but I don't like using it. Would be nice if it was built in to the official UI.

 And the last feature that would be nice are buff and debuff icons on your target lifebar with little timers so you know when something is active or not. Again would be nice know if you or your pet has landed something  and when it runs out.



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    I'm sorry I have to complain but I am very upset. I paid more money that I was comfortable paying for the High Seas expansion, but decided to pay it because I wanted a boat. I was unhappy I was able to buy boats but not use them. if you dont want free accounts to own boats Please change it so it says you need to subscribe to get a boat while trying to buy one. but I Did pay for the expansion expecting to get Full access to the expansion features, and I was still told I needed a subscription to use my own boat! I was angry and felt I got ripped off! I would Not have paid for the expansion if I knew that. 

    secondly, I was happy with buying the subscription because I felt not having my house fall apart was worth it. Then I find out that people cant even be friends of my house and use my house without them subscribing to. my point of getting a house and a subscription this early in the game was to have a guild house all my friends could use to share items. this is not even possible and I feel that Again I wasted money. right now I dont even want to play. I am angry. and even if I did play in the future I would not buy anything again! I would not suggest any of my friends play the way I have been. 

    Very unhappy player.
    A Pixie
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    @A_Pixie I am sorry you have had that experience.

    I noticed earlier today, (when describing High Seas to an EJ char)  that the wiki here doesn't mention that Endless Journey characters can't get on the high seas boats, even when owning the expansion. You can gate an EJ character to a row boat. They just can't get onto the ships because the ship has storage capabilites.

    in my opinion, The objective of Endless Journey is to give people a taste of what the game is like.  And the goal is for them to like what they see so that they will stick around and subscribe. When they subscribe, they will get access to the stuff they were denied. Also many people had expressed that they wish they could access closed accounts, so that they could know which accounts to reopen. so when Endless Journey became a reality, they can see the items in their banks. 
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    @A_Pixie ; Can you get on to high seas boats belonging to subscribing players? The publish 99 notes clearly state that you should be able to board a high seas boat once you have purchased High Seas and applied the code to your account. This should enable you to join in when players undertake pirate hunting, Corgul or Charybdis.

    @Cinderella the way to see what is in a bank box which currently only has EJ access is to purchase a vault. For a fee of 300 sovereigns they can see items in the bank, remove them and have the excess storage for one month.

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    Then there is a bug in the system, because EJ accounts can see items in the bank boxes when its over the item limit. You have to purchase a vault token in order to take the items out. But then again my char was bugged, because the wand and something else didn't appear in the bank until the next day. I had to purchase a vault token just so i could use my stuff because of that.

    i know guild members who could look at their stuff but couldn't take anything out. I had to explain to them how they could access their stuff. But maybe the DEVs have fixed it since then.
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