Classic Client - Log In Issue

ValisValis Posts: 44
So on my laptop I have been having some weird issues logging in lately. I get to character select and then crash/freeze at login. Tried multiple accounts, multiple characters. Same result. Switch servers and make a new character , no problem at all.

Anyone seen anything like this happen before?

Yes, i've uninstalled and reinstalled.
Performed file checks


  • MelchiahMelchiah Posts: 42
    You can try this which may help - this is sometimes caused by the game looking in the wrong place for a UO Desktop folder and finding something that it is not expecting.
    Close UO and open File Explorer.
    Find your Desktop folder in which the character data is stored for all the affected accounts. Usually this is Documents - EA Games (or Ultima Online) - Ultima Online Legacy (if CC) or Ultima Online (if EC)
    Cut this, and move it to a different location temporarily.
    Restart UO, and try to log in.
    If you're then able to log in, close UO again, and try copying back the Desktop folder above. There might be one screwy file that's causing the issues, so if it crashes again, copy the files back in an order and keep trying until it doesn't crash.
    Good luck!
  • ValisValis Posts: 44
    Nice, it worked! Thank you very much!
  • MelchiahMelchiah Posts: 42
    Glad to hear it worked!
  • GemGem Posts: 35
    Thank you so much for posting. This problem has bedeviled me on and off for years!
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