What you want for the "biggest update ever"



  • Cookie said:

    Going to completely disagree.

    The obvious answer to all your problems is use Classic Client like you said.

    Yeah, it was so obvious they just decided not to play UO at all.
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    dvvid said:
    When I imagine UO going to Steam, I picture a flood of complaints about how buggy it is :/
    There are zero significant bugs in this game that a Non UO player would even detect. They're known because of the long term players.
    Uh, no. I had two friends try out UO when EJ released. After about a week the bugs were driving them nuts and one actually said to me over voice chat "This game is terrible." He meant, 'it's broken', as he actually liked UO itself, the underlying gameplay, the world. He couldn't stand the bugs.

    Some vary obvious bugs to new players that I heard about constantly:

    1. Container's lose their contents 90% of the time when you scroll.
    2. NPC's lose all their clothes, then get them back again as you walk around.
    3. Corpse's lose all their clothes, then get them back again as you walk around.
    4. Mobile bars jump position constantly, so you frequently target something you didn't want to.
    5. Ghost mobs and ghost players end up all over, so you never know where something actually is.
    6. The filter on the mobiles list doesn't work.
    7. All-names only works intermittently.
    8. The UI locks don't always work, so mis-clicks move or remove UI elements.
    9. The main backpack is way bigger then it appears.
    10. Opening a container will frequently cause it to open directly underneath another container, making it inaccessible if that other container is the main backpack.
    11. Containers overlap when tiling making most of their contents inaccessible.
    12. Neither containers nor most gumps remember position, so everything must be repositioned every time you log in.

    This is a short list from memory. There were more.

    All of these bugs have been around for years and reported multiple times. The team has not addressed them.

    Before anyone says "Use the CC", both my friends took one glance at the CC and said "I won't play the game if I have to use that". Literally, wouldn't even try the game if it was CC. I'm actually up to 6 people now who have 0 experience with UO, who won't touch the CC, but would give the EC a try if it wasn't a bug infested mess. That's anecdotal, but it's my experience. No, I'm not trying to turn this into CC vs. EC. I played CC for years, it's fine. Just a total non-starter for most of the people I know. Now they've heard what a mess the EC is, they just won't play UO.  

    Yeah, if UO goes to Steam the reviews are going to be brutal.
    Most of what you listed can be explained...I"ve had too much wine or I would try lol..I'll pick one though..Incoming Names..on the fastest computer with the EC client, this still doesn't pick up everyone. It especially doesn't pick up anyone running a speeder hack. The server/cheater is simply too fast for your client to process correctly.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it.
  • Nothing they could do can live up to the anticipation they created.
    Having said that, unless I had a weird dream, there was a newsletter that came out yesterday with some really cool stuff, that went beyond what I thought we'd get.
    -John's player
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    To reach the largest possible audience UO would need to go web based.  Being web based they get players on Mac, Chromebook, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows.
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    I'm just ready to see it already, get the disappointment over and behind us, and move on

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