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Remove Trap = Bad News
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    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
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    Is @Luc_of_Legends going to be there?  I would go to hear the questions and comments.
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    he was there

    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
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    Thanks for the Transcript!  They were pretty calm in front of the Queen.  Someone was video taping it.   :D
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    Mesanna: Good evening Legends

    Mesanna: Shall we begin

    Kyronix : Hello!

    Mesanna: Greetings Dawn

    Dawn Sonoma: Greetings once more Mistress of Darkness and Death, of Light and Glory

    Dawn Sonoma: Are thy Minions being good and well behaved?

    Dawn Sonoma: I am going to touch base on a few request that I have asked before

    Mesanna: but of course

    Dawn Sonoma: A. Ships and quests. As you know we have the Serpent's Pillars to move ships

    Dawn Sonoma: from the seas of Trammel and Felucca to the seas of the Lost Lands and back,

    Dawn Sonoma: yet with the release of the Samurai Empire in 2004

    Dawn Sonoma: there has been no way to move ships across seas to

    Dawn Sonoma: Tokuno and back except to empty it, dry dock it,

    Dawn Sonoma: recall/gate to new locations, put back in the water.

    Dawn Sonoma: Would it be possible to see in the future something similar to the Serpent's Pillars?

    Dawn Sonoma: Or allow that Character to have boats in Multi Facets, not just one facet only.

    Mesanna: we answered that in the newsletter

    Dawn Sonoma: k

    Dawn Sonoma: B. Another thing is the Professional Bounty hunter Quest.

    Dawn Sonoma: G.B. Bigglesby, who can be found in the Floating Emporium.

    Dawn Sonoma: I once asked for an Annex on land for his quest as it takes forever to get

    Dawn Sonoma: there to get the quest, where as the same quest for the Tokuno Islands facet

    Dawn Sonoma: is a mere recall away.

    Mesanna: we just answered this in the last meet and greet

    Dawn Sonoma: k

    Dawn Sonoma: C. Now I am here also to ask for the return of Lazarus the human fisher

    Dawn Sonoma: and Reebon the undead mage innkeeper at the Tower of Sorcery on Sonoma.

    Dawn Sonoma: Coors are 73o 7N 133o 15W right behind Encyclopedia Magicka (Trammel)

    Dawn Sonoma: That is all I have and I like to thank you for your hard work

    Dawn Sonoma: in giving us tons of fun daily.

    Mesanna: Not going to replace those at this time

    Mesanna: Good evening

    Savoua Fair: Hi!

    Savoua Fair: They wont go exceptional

    Savoua Fair: but the larges can.

    Savoua Fair: Muffins

    Savoua Fair: took me awile

    Savoua Fair: but i figured it out

    Mesanna: whats that?

    Savoua Fair: Muffin BoDs

    Savoua Fair: >>>

    Mesanna: we will look into this

    Savoua Fair: ok

    Mesanna: intersting this is the first time

    Mesanna: anyone has brought this up

    Savoua Fair: Ive been trying to get it out there

    Mesanna: we have it written up

    Savoua Fair: and evertime i failed to point to the exact one

    Savoua Fair: now here it is

    Mesanna: nice job =)

    Savoua Fair: Housing ...

    Savoua Fair: Are you going to mess with the 90 day period?

    Mesanna: maybe

    Mesanna: I would love to but there are no plans to

    Mesanna: why do you ask

    Savoua Fair: I will occationaly let outside this box cause a slip in payment

    Savoua Fair: Dont want the vultures to decend on my decayed house

    Mesanna: that is not anything we would do without alot of advanced notice

    Savoua Fair: steller ty kindly

    Mesanna: and warnings

    Mesanna: welcome

    gift: good evening

    Mesanna: greetings

    gift: two questions

    gift: are invasions being turned off tomorrow?

    Kyronix : Nope

    Kyronix : We had been researching other events to reactivate in their steed

    gift: nice

    gift: oh there's going to be another one?!

    Kyronix : But at this time we are trying to finish our plans for the current publish

    Kyronix : And we weren't able to reactivate anything

    Kyronix : So we'll be sticking with the Invasions

    gift: xD

    gift: next question

    gift: was it intended when you repair with tinkering skill (maybe other crafting skills also) for the maximum durability to drop simultaneously?

    gift: for example my ring was 48/251 durability and when I repaired it, it became 247/247

    Mesanna: always a random chance based off of your skill

    gift: I think when we repair with deeds it doesn't consume multiple maximum durabilities though

    Mesanna: was it brittle?

    gift: it was a antique ring

    gift: if its happening with other crafting skills i would assume to brittle pieces too

    Mesanna: one sec

    Mesanna: do you mean powder or repair

    gift: repair

    gift: I used a tinker tool opened crafting window

    gift: selected repair

    gift: and used it on the ring

    gift: i had gm tinkering

    Mesanna: we will look into it

    gift: great thanks!

    gift: have a good night

    Mesanna: if you have specific steps please send them to me

    Mesanna: via email

    Mesanna: thanks

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Vixen: evening

    Vixen: quick question according to Kyronix luck in a group gets a bonus

    Vixen: aswell as in fell

    Vixen: etc

    Vixen: i have tried this in a max group and a group with six

    Vixen: all people

    Vixen: in luck suit

    Vixen: the loot was awful

    Vixen: any ideea why

    Kyronix : Which encounter are we talking about? Which loot? Luck behaves in several different ways, depending on the situation

    Vixen: its was loot on a monsters corpse not looking for atries etc

    Vixen: it was for the putrifer in fel in proxy lair

    Vixen: so luck should of maxed out easy

    Kyronix : You can check the wiki page on for the most detailed information about Luck

    Vixen: i have and it does not seem to work

    Vixen: i floowed your instructions kyronix

    Kyronix : We would need to know the exact situation, makeup of the party to look at it more deeply

    Kyronix : And what you are expecting to see

    Vixen: how do i get thesde detyails

    Vixen: to you

    Kyronix : You can email

    Vixen: ok ill report it to you and appreciate any feedback

    Kyronix : Thanks!

    Mesanna: Greetings

    zippo: its A honor to meet you!

    Mesanna: You also

    zippo: i hve no questions

    zippo: lol

    Mesanna: *smiles*

    Mesanna: ok

    Mesanna: thanks

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Jack Sparrow: Greetings and welcome to Legend

    Mesanna: Thank you

    Mesanna: Nice Outfit

    Jack Sparrow: thanks

    Jack Sparrow: will we ever get Water tiles to go with the sand, snow & grass?

    Jack Sparrow: my castle needs a moat

    Mesanna: lol

    Mesanna: we will talk about it

    Jack Sparrow: do you take bribes?

    Mesanna: there are a few issues to resolve before we could do that

    Mesanna: no no bribes

    Mesanna: lol sorry

    Jack Sparrow: it doesn't matter to me if yo can walk on them or not

    Mesanna: if we are not going to do it right we should not do it at all

    Mesanna: its possible

    Jack Sparrow: great

    Jack Sparrow: looking forward to them :)

    Mesanna: I can not say when at this time

    Jack Sparrow: Christmas is nice

    Mesanna: icy though

    Mesanna: =P

    Jack Sparrow: :(

    Jack Sparrow: i live in austrailia

    Jack Sparrow: so warm there

    Jack Sparrow: lol

    Jack Sparrow: j/k

    Mesanna: nice

    Jack Sparrow: thanks for visiting us

    Jack Sparrow: oh 1 more ?

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: yes?

    Jack Sparrow: how long will this invsion last?

    Jack Sparrow: *bows*

    Mesanna: probably in July

    Mesanna: no specific date right now

    Jack Sparrow: ok thanks and will there be the Parade after?

    Mesanna: lol

    Kyronix : No parade this time

    Jack Sparrow: with the rewards for killing the titans?

    Jack Sparrow: ok thanks

    Jack Sparrow: *hic*

    Mesanna: thank you

    Jack Sparrow: good evening

    Mesanna: good evening

    Old Lady: Evening

    Old Lady: just one fast question

    Mesanna: sure

    Old Lady: can you PLEASE Please make it so flax stacks? i grow tons and takes me forever to put in chest

    Mesanna: I thought we did, we will look into it again

    Old Lady: and sugar

    Old Lady: only stakes a few at a time

    Old Lady: bag gets full of them

    Mesanna: not sure we can stack sugar because of the way the dev put it in

    Mesanna: we can look at it but we will see

    Old Lady: ok ty

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    Mesanna: greetings

    Sunlaira: Hello

    Sunlaira: I have a couple of questions and a suggestion

    Kyronix : Hello!

    Sunlaira: Have you ever thought about a Wardrobe. Like the jewelry boxes and seed box?

    Sunlaira: I would pay good money for that

    Mesanna: no we haven't

    Sunlaira: Can you keep that in the back of your mind? Please???

    Mesanna: hrm interesting idea

    Mesanna: we can

    Sunlaira: Ty

    Sunlaira: Now

    Sunlaira: about Shadow Wyrms

    Sunlaira: any chance they can get a little love?

    Sunlaira: Their resists suck

    Sunlaira: how about like 800 points or something

    Sunlaira: I mean a little love...

    Mesanna: I doubt we will adjust that

    Sunlaira: I'm guessing that's a no... awww

    Sunlaira: ok last thing

    Mesanna: pretty much yes

    Sunlaira: dang!!!!

    Mesanna: to many would have to be done

    Sunlaira: Dread Mare event?

    Sunlaira: Just a suggestion...

    Mesanna: not bringing that one back either

    Sunlaira: Thank you for hearing me out. Dang I suck at questions. Thanks

    Mesanna: no you don't

    Mesanna: they were original

    Mesanna: Good evening

    Damia: hi guys

    Kyronix : Greetings!

    Damia: thank you for coming

    Damia: ok we still would like the Mesanna things to continue

    Mesanna: excuse me

    Damia: i know you said no

    Damia: because of trolls

    Mesanna: what Mesanna things?

    Damia: the Mesanna roulette

    Mesanna: oh oh the events

    Mesanna: that I can do

    Damia: oh good we would love that

    Mesanna: the full blown events are out of control

    Damia: now 2 questions

    Mesanna: I know I will see what I can come up with

    Damia: i would love to see a search feature on jewelry boxes

    Mesanna: I would love to come up with something new though

    Mesanna: I am sure you would

    Mesanna: lol

    Damia: lol

    Damia: and the other

    Damia: we recenty had a guild leader in my alliace die unexpectedly

    Mesanna: sorry to hear that

    Damia: his mother wants to know who to contact to get his accounts to his guild

    Damia: they are up for payment

    Mesanna: does she have the info to the accounts?

    Damia: I said I would ask

    Mesanna: if so have her email support and me

    Damia: i think she has the name but not the passwords

    Damia: ok i will have her do that

    Mesanna: that is going to be a problem

    Mesanna: so make sure I am on it

    Damia: i was afraid it would be

    Mesanna: and we will see what we can do

    Mesanna: but

    Mesanna: we will only give the accounts to the family, what they do with it is up to them

    Damia: right and that's just fine

    Damia: I will have his mom email you and suport

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: we will do what we can to help

    Damia: oh the want me to suggest you do a couple of weeks of all the past haloween events

    Damia: a week of doom a week of kotl

    Damia: a week or two of kahdoon

    Damia: we really really enjoy your holiday events

    Mesanna: you never know

    Damia: and other than that that's it

    Damia: except we love you guys so much

    Damia: and we apprecite you

    Damia: and all you do

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: we appreciate that

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Kyronix : Hello!

    Luc: ok,Greeting ladies and gents

    Luc: i was wondering if event recipes would be availabe another way?

    Kyronix : Which recipes?

    Luc: (if asked sorry)

    Luc: whip,

    Luc: a,yw

    Luc: botherhood stuff

    Luc: maybe bods or a quest

    Kyronix : We have events planned where we will be reintroducing various rewards

    Kyronix : So stay tuned!

    Luc: ok ty :D

    Luc: i think that is all

    Mesanna: have a good evening

    Luc: you too

    Mesanna: good evening

    Kyronix : Hello!

    Jirel of Joiry: Wise Mesanna rule of Our Relam

    Mesanna: *grins* yes?

    Jirel of Joiry: I come before you to ask

    Jirel of Joiry: That Humans and Elves be allowed to Learn Throwing and that Gargoyles be allowed to learn archery

    Jirel of Joiry: I have so longed to build a Xena Warrior Princess cahr in UO

    Mesanna: that can not happen each have their own special abilities

    Jirel of Joiry: Human and Elves have special Abilities

    Jirel of Joiry: But can learn each other skills

    Jirel of Joiry: Humans can learn spellweaving

    Jirel of Joiry: Elves can laern anything

    Jirel of Joiry: I ask in the spirit of making all UO races equal

    Mesanna: There are so many issues behind the 8 ball that makes this request impossible

    Jirel of Joiry: Ohh Okay...Its a coding thing :)

    Jirel of Joiry: I get it

    Mesanna: yes

    Mesanna: lol

    Mesanna: and art and many other things

    Jirel of Joiry: Luc is working in IT now

    Mesanna: lol

    Jirel of Joiry: So I am learning tons

    Mesanna: lots of art to redo also

    Mesanna: so good luck there

    Jirel of Joiry: I can just give you a cost analysis

    Jirel of Joiry: LOL

    Mesanna: mine is done

    Jirel of Joiry: Accounting is my thing

    Mesanna: lol

    Mesanna: Is there anything else we can help you with this evening

    Jirel of Joiry: That was all Thank you for you time :)

    Mesanna: thank you

    Kyronix : Thank you Legends for the questions!

    Mesanna: On behalf of the team think you for having us

    Mesanna: and we hope everyone is staying sane and safe!

    Mesanna: Good night Legends

    Kyronix : Enjoy the Evening!

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