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Kinda not sure where to post this, am looking to join an active group of guys/gals on Atlantic, specifically around PvP rather VvV or reds..Doesn't matter to me and end game content, kinda hard to find so far. Joined one guild nearly 1 month ago, was a bit odd, wasn't able to play or join channels with others playing while in the 6 week recruitment period, I've since moved on and I'm looking for a guild with people I can play with now, if anyone is recruiting lmk! 

All my dudes are decked out in gear and I have crafters/imbuers. Have discord and mic. 


  • Hey Malok. Are you still looking to join PvP team?

    My Discord - Flying Cobra#2832

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    I did not have a "6 week recruitment period" with the UWF guild, they are everywhere on Atl, and have nightly events.  Of course they see little of me except during EM events, Shopping or when Sonoma is slow and nothing to do there.  Still I have a blast with them and was accepted with open arms, couple of OLD friends are also members there.  
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