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I was fighting a general the other day with friend.  He was a sampire and I was a focused necro/fencer/poisoner.  I kept summoning Vengeful Spirit (revenant), but the general had it dispelled within seconds every time.  His weapon must have had a Hit Dispel Area property, because he was swinging at the sampire.  It never affected my Vampire Bat familiar, though.  This got me thinking.

Can a character with Stealing disarm a foe and get his weapon?  Hopefully the steal would choose the weapon because it was most recent in his backpack.  If this is not the case, would there be time to use both Snooping and Stealing to get the weapon before he re-armed?
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    Good solid question.

    I haven't played a disarm thief in a long long while. A disarm with the old mob AI would keep it's weapon in it's pack for the remainder of the fight. It did not allow for a mob to rearm. I'm sure things have changed over the years. 

    You'll most likely have to do your own in game testing to figure out if your ideas can even be done or if it'll solve your problems. 

    A tip to stealing is to carry a dagger or skinning knife in your pack to bring a cursor up then target what you want to steal. A macro to steal then another for last target will make fast work of obtaining what you want. 
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    @Urge Thanks. Knowing that there is such a template as "disarm thief" helps in itself.  I've never seriously played a thief, so the mechanics will be new to me.  Why is it beneficial to have a cursor up before stealing?  Typically I would expect a message like, "Use this on a dead animal to get its hide" if I used the cursor for something other than skinning.
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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    The disarm thief was very useful in fel long ago. Today, not so much.

    Disarm in itself worked long ago on mobs with weapons. I really have no idea how it is today. 

    By bringing a cursor up you "pretarget" what you're going to steal so you don't have to snoop a pack again. It's not about what the cursor says, it's about making the object you want become your last target. 

    It's very effective in player stealing. You can stealth up to someone, snoop their pack, make a decision what you want and have it on last target. Then when the timing is right a macro for stealing and another for last target will be lightning fast. It's an old school thief thing. 
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