Ultima Prime and Steam

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Hey @Kyronix,

I see that Ultima 1-9 are part of the EA Vault through Origin Access. With EA Access linking up to Steam at some point in the sooner future, thus giving us the Vault through Steam, we should be able to play U 1-9 via our Steam accounts correct? 

My understanding is that Broadsword is the keeper of all things Ultima. You all thinking about trading cards/achievements for U 1-9 when they become available through EA Access/Steam? That'd be hella cool. C&C is doing it!


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    We only handle Ultima Online.  Can't offer anything as to what may or may not be in the works for the original single player titles.

    We have thought about trading cards (we already have the cards of semidar) and achievements as they exist within the UO game world, and it' something we hope to build on in the future.
  • Ah, cool, thanks for the clarification!
  • Just FYI for everyone, the EA Access on Steam teaser page is up.


    Ultima 1 - 9 are available through Origin Access at both Basic and Premier levels. Have to see if they make it into EA Access as well.

    Unfortunately, Underworld I and II, Savage Empire, and Martian Dreams are not included in Origin Access at this time.
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    Good old Ultima 1.  Played it in high school on the Apple IIs in the computer class room. Hacked the player file and gave myself infinite resources and hit points.  Some how stole a ray gun from a weapons merchant. 
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    Played a couple of those games in the late 80’s and early 90’s on my Super Nintendo.  They were great games and really the games that interested me in this one.  It amazes how the graphics and music in Ultima Online Have not changed that much from those early days.  Played UO  earlier than that on my Commodore 64 for those of you that remember that early machine but that one had some hardware problems and required a lot of imagination.  You will really enjoy playing at least a few of these games.  The two I played had great story lines.
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    EA Play (formerly Origin Access or EA Access, depending on the platform) is now available on Steam. 

    My understanding is that yes, you now can play any of the U1-U9 series through Steam.

    Unfortunately, none of the Ultima titles have their own Steam storefront. At least at this point.
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