Question regarding the 2010's 4th of July Fireworks staffs given out to all shards

AtlanteanAngelAtlanteanAngel Posts: 53
edited May 2020 in Rares

Goes by various names, such as "Sparkle Stick Powered By Fireflies" (Atlantic), "Fire Flower Staff" (Pacific), "Powerful Fireworks Staff" (Asian Shards), each Fireworks staff comes with 100 charges.

Double-clicking on the staff (100 uses) uses up 10+ charges with multiple fireworks shot out. However, the next day, I noticed that the charges were restored back up to 100 uses.

I checked online and couldn't find any info on this. Which Fireworks wands/staffs (eg. these 4th of July items) will self-restore charges, and which (eg. Mininova Fireworks Wand) would not self-restore charges? No info on the inconsistency seems to be readily accessible online.

Any info on this? Thanks!

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