Chesapeake Town Buffs

HI Chessy!

If you enjoy any town buffs in Chesapeake shard, please read.

I have posted this in Stratics as well

We need to really stress that it costs the town funds 2 million a week (every Sunday) to keep the town buffs going. There are only two ways to keep these funds up. 1 is to do trade runs STARTING in the town you want the gold to go to at the trade minister. 2 is to donate gold directly to the city herald of that town. 

For the first one I have to say this. Our guild/alliance has been steady doing trade runs to the tune of 2000 plus, more since I became governor of Skara Brae in January. It is not keeping the gold up, even at doing over 2,000 trade runs in that time, I have personally put in over 12 million gold as various characters. by donating to the city herald. Some governors are really struggling to keep their town buffs going per week and donating all the funds, themselves

Citizens , if you want your town buffs, you need to engage in doing trade runs, or donating gold to the city heralds of your town. 

A fresh trading character makes only 10 thousand gold per run for the town buff funds. If you are ambushed by marauders, you have to kill them, not get them guard whacked and you get 2 K to 10 K more for the town ( what I have experienced, not all encompassing) . If you just run from them ( the marauders), the town loses that extra bonus gold, so use a character that can fight. You can only use moongates or by boat or on foot to get to the next town. No gating or recalling allowed. 

If anyone needs help starting the trade runs ask for Pam in general chat and say you need help. Hopefully, if I am not on , someone else will help you. 

There are good rewards for doing the trade runs for you as well. Not 100 percent fantastic, as some times you get spined leather, but a lot of times you get the coveted pink scrolls (SOT's) of assorted skill gain bonuses when consumed.

Here is the wiki link for Trade quests
Trader Quests – Ultima Online

I hope this helps everyone and please pass this on to friends who don't read Stratics as your governors are really struggling in some of these towns.

Rel Sanct,


  • TamhraTamhra Posts: 24
    edited June 2018
    I'm currently on Chessy. I'm trying to figure which towns actually are active, and atm chose Yew, to try out the trader quest. As a returning player from long ago, these Trader's quest are pretty cool and new to me, but I'm not sure which Governors are still active and have done a search with no success at all.
    Are you still active ?
    I don't mind doing some of these trader quest when I can. I warn you.. I fish and don't do dungeons much atm :)
  • Hi Tamhra, so sorry I am remiss at reading forum posts. I was away all summer and really just got into forum for first time in months. All towns with a stone are active on Chesapeake. Skara Brae, Yew, Trinsic, Vesper, Britain, Minoc and Moonglow  all have active governors. I gave up Skara Brae before I left for work in May. Tina is governor of Skara Brae now. You can mouse over each town stone and see who is the active governor and what trade town buff is active for the town. You can look up the buffs in the UO WIki web site.

    Also, trader quests have a new twist with Krampus and his minions when publish 103 goes live. It is on test center right now. We may have met, in game. Welcome to Chesapeake and welcome back!

  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,676
    You can also purchase a title for your city & it goes to the city funds. 
    And the titles look awesome on your bones
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