Poison Potion

Am currently training poisoning but need poison potions( just poison not lesser, greater or deadly yet) and I cant find an 


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    I would try asking in general chat on your shard, you may find an alchemist willing to make you some.
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    @SleeperOfWomen Mariah's suggestion is good. You might also try vendor search for "keg of poison".  A full keg contains 100 potions.  With the keg and empty bottles in your backpack, double-clicking the keg fills an empty bottle.  Make sure you buy the right kind -- mouse-over the kegs in the search results to read the full description of each.

    Another possibility you might consider, if you have an empty character slot, is to create your own alchemist.  Since it requires no supporting skills, it can fit in many templates.  For example, I actually have an Archer/Alchemist/Cook (Archery, Tactics, Chivalry, Focus, Resist, Alchemy, Cooking).  The advantage of starting a new character is that it can start with 50 Alchemy skill.  My guy started with 50 in both Alchemy and Cooking, since neither has accelerated gain quests available in New Haven.  50 skill is sufficient to be making your own regular poison potions at a 70% success rate.

    You can also buy the skill for an existing character.  Making regular poison begins being possible at 15 skill.  If you buy it to  >25, you'll have more than a 20% chance of making a poison potion.  Plus at that level, your skill gain will be quite quick.  Each full point of skill will increase your success rate by 2%.
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    I have an alchemist on Atlantic that has potions usually in New haven between 10 and 11 am central time
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