Bush Ninja Bladeweaver -- advice requested

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I am considering rolling a Bushido/Ninja/Bladeweaver.  His template would be something like:

110+: Throwing, Tactics
100: Chivalry, Focus
 100: Bushido, Ninjitsu

(The reason for Throwing over Archery is he'd probably be made on Siege Perilous, and he wouldn't have to worry about acquiring arrows.)

Notice there is no hiding or stealth, which seem not to be so important on a ranged fighter.  Same with Parry, but for a bladeweaver Parry does make more sense than with an archer.  Sometimes you just want to get up close and personal.  With 100 points left in that template, would you consider Parry?  Or would some 100-point combination of Animal Taming and Lore would allow training his lesser hiryu?  (I don't know how/if Bushido would interact with those.)  I don't expect to tame one, but it would be nice to train it once I have it.  What else to consider?

From Bushido (even without Parry) he would gain Confidence, Lightning Strike, Honor:Perfection, Evasion, and a controllable lesser hiryu pet.

Ninjitsu (without Hide, Stealth) would allow him Focus Attack, Animal Form (including the dog&cat forms with extremely high regen), and Mirror Image (one-use, any damage shields (not sure about AoE)).
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  • RockRock Posts: 553
    Well, it looks like I was wrong about Focus Attack.  I am trying this out on Test Center, but while holding a boomerang and trying to use Focus Attack a message comes up saying that I must be using a melee weapon without a shield.  (I wasn't holding a shield.)

    I wonder why Focus Attack only works with melee weapons.  The other weapon-buff attacks all work with any weapon, ranged or otherwise.  I have tested:
    • (chivalry) Consecrate Weapon
    • (necromancy) Curse Weapon
    • (mysticism) Enchant
    • (spellweaving)  Immolating Weapon (oops)
    I was wrong -- neither Focus Attack nor Immolating Weapon can be used ranged.  The other three can be.  It is also strange that Focus Attack specifically excludes shield bearers.  What makes these two buffs different?
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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