Frank and open discusssions or the same board under a new url?

Would it be possible to have threads not get locked every time someone questions the direction of the game?

I fail to see why a thread about this silly invasion drifting into EJ land and the viability of those accounts getting loot drops ends up in a lock when people say we shouldn't have allowed those accounts to get the drop.

This is a fair comment, and it is blocked with a "invasion was before EJ so shut up" reply from the mods?  Why is so horrible to ask why this wasn't taken into consideration? Sure it might be hard to code but the dev team are the experts in coding this game so, me as a p(L)ayer, says code....

This is the only place where any contact can be attempted with the dev team but you can't ask fairly softball questions?

Clearly I pay for my account, can't post here unless you do so I played the game with my wallet, is it fair to ask the same in return?

I'm not trying to be a jerk like times in the past, this game is fun and has it's moments.  I am enjoying playing again.  

The ToT was good fun but needed adjusting as does this invasion, nothing wrong with that at all.  There is a chance that another event might roll next month and it would be a shame to have two gone through and no one makes adjustments.  This game has progressed since either of those events, the events need to progress also.




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    I think the point has been made a few times by the Devs that they are working on other projects and that they are not going to divert resources away from those projects... period.  ToT and this Invasion were turn on simply to provide a little extra something to do in game while those other projects are going on.  Repeatedly asking for things with ToT or the Invasion to be changed seems to be turning a deaf ear to what has already been said, even if there is a valid reason that something could use a fix.
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    Aye, still chatting about it isn't a bad idea.


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    Some feel EJ accounts can do too much. I have never used one but I feel they can do too little. Many new and returning players have used them but can't do basic things that would encourage them to keep playing.

    And they own the forums and they want them to be a place where people do not always complain. Email the queen with your whining. Leave us out of it. Or go whine on stratics.  They won't close the thread. It has a different url. 

    Your welcome for solving your delima. Thread can be closed now.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    Aww, so glad you can make the decision for me...thanks bro.

    And it's not whining, I pay for this game and the expectation of customer service should go a little way.  It shouldn't be only tow the line or piss off, could it be a little of "ya, we can adjust that".


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    100% agree with you @Pinco and I think @Pawain was stating what the boards appear to do not that it is necessarily his opinion on the matter.  IMHO  EJ Accounts should have been nothing more than the old Trial Accounts without a timer and a limit on # of chars per account.
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    IMO The non UO posts should be moved here .

    I woulda locked and moved this thread. But the mods decide those things.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    It has been stated several times that these events are simply being 'turned on' because of the current world situation. They were not scheduled, have not been updated, will not be bug fixed (unless game breaking). Both ToT and this invasion pre-date EJ, therefore drops are as they were for the old trial accounts.
    Asking for adjustments, or why adjustments weren't made, is something that has already been answered several times. It is therefore pointless bringing it up yet again. The team are working on future events.
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